Marriage Counseling

Taffy is a successful, skilled, and experienced marriage and family therapist, a profession dedicated to relationship building and healing. She has experienced many years as an adult single and as a partner in a successful marriage. An Oregon Licensed Professional Counselor primarily serving clients in Ashland and Medford, Taffy can offer expert guidance as you navigate through marriage challenges and support your desire to enjoy lasting love in your life.

Couples who have engaged in marriage counseling with Taffy report dramatic changes in their relationship:
  • Better and more open communication with partner/spouse, less defensiveness, and fewer power struggles
  • Regaining hope in love and the future
  • The courage to create the space for new potential partners
  • Getting their needs met
  • Feeling loved and connected

“With everything we had going on, I can’t believe we’re still married! Now we’re in love again. Thanks, Taffy!”

—YG, Chiropractor