“Taffy’s ability to intuit and grasp my essence and then reflect it back to me with clarity and vision has been a source of such relief, inspiration, and empowerment for me on my life’s journey. And she walks her talk! For coaching, counseling, or psychotherapy, I highly recommend her to everyone!”

—WCJ, Event Planner

“There are truly no words to describe the impact you have had in my life. I could not have done much of the personal growth work I’ve aspired to do without your support, your knowledge, and your inspiration. Thank you for caring so much about me and about your work.”

—L.L, Business Consultant

“I continue to be amazed by how quickly and deeply we’ve moved into the core of my issues. You’ve helped me tap areas I was only vaguely aware of. I had no idea what a profound effect they were having on my life today. I and chosen others are so fortunate you decided to be a therapist.”

—S.U. Health Professional

“Taffy has a way of gently cutting through my resistance to get to the heart of the matter. Each session feels complete and pertinent. She points out key and pivotal moments in my behavior patterns that are simple to change once I’m aware of them, and I never feel there is anything ‘wrong’ with me. Thanks!”

—Y.M., Chiropractor

“I am so excited about what’s happening in our coaching sessions! In just a couple of months, I see myself in a completely different light and feel incredible hope for my future and the success of my business. Thanks so much!”

—K.C. D., Entrepreneur, Franchise Owner

“With everything we had going on, I can’t believe we’re still married! Now we’re in love again. Thanks, Taffy!”

—YG, Chiropractor

“Since we’ve been practicing the exercises in our plan, we have regained our connection and are actually loving with each other. It’s like we have found our way back home again, thanks to your great help!”

—TJ and SJ, Married Business Partners